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Welcome to The Obscurometer

Update: A complete overhaul of the site in underway.

In the next few months, expect to see a ton of new features. Currently planned:

  • Better integration with sign in with your username and make your obscurometer page your own!
  • friends: Compare your obscurity with your friends to see who in your group is the hippest.
  • Comments: Impressed with someone's epic obscurity? Have something to say about Radiohead being more obscure than Lady Gaga? Say it with the new comment system.
  • Demographic filtering: Compare your obscurity not just worldwide, but specifically with other people who share your gender, age, or country.
To keep up to date with the progress of these new features, watch this space, or follow the Obscurometer on Twitter.

What is The Obscurometer?

Simply put, it's a tool to measure just how obscure the music you listen to is. Are you a Top 40 fan, or an indie rock individualist? Simply enter your username, and The Obscurometer will calculate both how obscure your musical tastes are as compared to other people, and how obscure your favorite artists are. It's simple, easy, and fun; so what are you waiting for?

Notice: Due to technical limitations with how data is retrieved, requests may take up to a minute to process (though typically they only take a few seconds). Do not press the submit button more than once; doing so will not make it go any faster.

How does it work?

The Obscurometer uses data gathered from, runs it through some mathematical algorithms, and out comes your obscurity rating. You can read more about the mathematics involved on the About page.

What if I don't have a

Right now all you can do is head over to the site and get an account. Some versions of their scrobbler software even have the ability to import your past play history, so you can come back here and immediately find out your obscurity rating.

What new stuff is in the works?

The ability to calculate your musical obscurity for different time periods has just been added, as has the ability to look up details on a single artist. Updates to social media sharing and general backend improvements are currently in progress. If you have any other ideas for extra features, please use the contact form to let us know.